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The secret many bariatric weight-loss surgeons don’t tell you — but should – CultureMap Dallas

The secret many bariatric weight-loss surgeons don’t tell you — but shouldCultureMap DallasHaving surgery to lose weight is a big decision — and an intensely personal one. It often comes after years or decades of struggle, dieting, and disappointment. Some weight-loss doctors offer discounted services that promise a quick surgical solution.…

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Easy Weight Loss Drink Oolong Tea Proof!

Lose It!, the world’s most popular weight loss app, launches in UK and Ireland – Business Wire (press release)

Lose It!, the world’s most popular weight loss app, launches in UK and IrelandBusiness Wire (press release)Lose It!’s intuitive design allows members to easily track their eating and exercise, set reminders and alerts to prompt action, and engage with other members to take part in challenges or share their weight loss journey socially. An easy-to-use bar …and more »…

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Herbal Supplements for Weight Loss, Herbs for Weight Loss …

Millennial Marketing Strategies: SupplySide West Report – Nutritional Outlook

Nutritional OutlookMillennial Marketing Strategies: SupplySide West ReportNutritional OutlookMillennials currently account for 36% of dietary supplement users, compared to the 36% comprised of baby boomer users (aged 51-69), the 18% comprised of generation X users (aged 39-50), and the 10% comprised of mature users (aged 70 and up), according ……

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WEIGHT LOSS PILLS | #MotivationMonday

Study shows 70% of weight loss supplements with Garcinia Cambogia as lacking –

Examiner.comStudy shows 70% of weight loss supplements with Garcinia Cambogia as’Supplement manufacturers have been quick to jump on the weight-loss bandwagon, yet many of them lack accountability and provide little proof of product quality and the FDA isn’t solving these problems,” says Neil Thanedar, CEO of LabDoor.…

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Quick weight loss pills

CLA shows promise in search for weight loss – (blog)

CLA shows promise in search for weight (blog)Numerous diets and supplements have come and gone, promising quick weight loss and often not delivering. Is CLA another dubious passing fad or is there some truth to the claim that it can help reduce body fat while at the same time increasing muscle …and more »…

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The supplements weight loss hcg diet program

Several dietary supplements found to contain ‘amphetamine-like’ stimulant – Mother Nature Network (blog)

Mother Nature Network (blog)Several dietary supplements found to contain ‘amphetamine-like’ stimulantMother Nature Network (blog)According to Cohen, it is not unusual for dietary supplement manufacturers to juice up their weight-loss and exercise products with amphetamine-like chemicals, and then hide them on their labels using obscure plants to give the impression they are in …Breaking Dietary Supplements. Amphetamine-Like Compound FoundThe News Ledgeall 137 news articles »…

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Celery: Health Benefits & Nutrition Facts – Live Science

Live ScienceCelery: Health Benefits & Nutrition FactsLive ScienceCelery contains useful phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals. It’s a convenient on-the-go snack as well … Nevertheless, celery is a good source of vitamin K, with one cup containing about 30 percent of the recommended daily intake, according to the U ……

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Make your own FAT BURNERS at home, This Works!

Jennifer Lopez #BeTheGirl: JLo Launches Weight Loss Challenge With … – Latin Times

Latin TimesJennifer Lopez #BeTheGirl: JLo Launches Weight Loss Challenge With …Latin TimesThe three phases of the #BeTheGirl Challenge are: Repair and Reboot: Kick starts your body as you begin The Challenge with a detox & cleanse plus a fat burner contained in the 7-Day Ultra-Fast Slim Kit. Burn and Build: Stimulates fat burning and …Jennifer Lopez, Founder Of BodyLab, Invites Women Across The Country To …PR Newswire (press release)all 9 news articles »…

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Intermittent Fasting for Fat Loss

Fasting might be good for your health –

Chron.comFasting might be good for your”It’s not surprising that short-term fasting will be an effective way to lose weight, ” said Sue Cunningham, a registered dietitian and assistant professor of nutrition at the University of Texas Health Science Center. “The question is whether you can ……